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farhad kamali on free-courses-onlineHi, I am  Farhad Kamali founder and developer of free-online-courses.com, I am  online marketer, Web Designer, Search Engine Optimiser and a junior multi media producer.

I love being an entrepreneur, I have always loved learning and improving my skills, I do this constantly by working with and learning from some of the most successful people in the world, I also harness technology as an enabler to achieve bigger and better things in business…

I absolutely love the work I do for myself and for my clients on daily basis, in fact, my daily job is one of my hobbies and part of who I am.  I so great full to do what I do and get paid for it.

I developed free-online-courses.com site to provide the best free online courses and video tutorials for who are passionate about learning new skill and improving their existing skills. Most of the time I spend my time researching online to find the best courses and tutorials to my users. So, if you are new to my website, I would like to welcome you on board and encourage you to take action in order to change your life for ever like I did.

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Thank you all once again.

Farhad Kamali

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