Aperture tutorials in Photography

Aperture tutorials in Photography

Aperture tutorials in Photography

Aperture tutorials in Photography, Aperture tutorials ‘Aperture’ is also called ‘Aperture Value’ based on your make of camera. But either way it does the same thing which helps you be more creative whilst the camera works out tricky stuff like the exposure. Watch more Aperture tutorials and free courses at http://photographycourses.com/Aperture tutorials…

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The power of this is that you can change your apertures to achieve the depth of field you want without worrying about shutter speeds.

Wide lenses naturally have a very large depth of field and are great for front to back sharpness when using with a small aperture. But a small aperture means less light and even though the camera will find the shutter speed for you – you must be mindful of what it sets in case it’s very slow which will lead to the camera shake and it causes you to get (a blurred image). If that happens then you should either use a tripod or boost your ISO.

Aperture priority or aperture value is probably the mode I use more than anything else.  Watch part 2 to see how it can be used with a long lens Learn more photography courses at http://photographycourses.com/Aperture-tutorials….

You might think this is very complicated, but I promise you its not. Aperture Priority is one of the simplest things to use that’ll have a creative impact on your photos – and at the same time make your life easier. Learn more photography courses at http://photographycourses.com/Aperture-tutorials…



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