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How to start Audio and Music Production

How to start Audio and Music Production free-audio-coursesWhat does it take to get work, and get skilled, in audio and music production? Garrick has been producing music and leading training for lynda.com for years now, and in this course, he explains the very basics of how to start your own music production an audio learning path. Learn about the jobs that use audio, so you can decide what role you want to play,  and he covers the basic tools you are going to need for most audio-related work Learn more >>>

How to set up your Music Studio and Acoustics

How to setup your Music Studio and AcousticsIn this course, you learn how to set up and adjust the sound of your music studio. From basements and garages to standalone buildings, all music studios can benefit from the techniques shown in this course. Music engineer and industry insider Bobby strips away the mystery behind a excellent-sounding space and presents some acoustic concepts and hands-on techniques for getting the best sound from your studio for little cost and effort. Watch the entire course here >>>

Learn Sound Engineering Techniques

Learn Sound Engineering Techniques free courses onlineFollow along with Brent as he shows you what it is like to be a live sound engineer for a major rock show. He also shows how he sets up his console to mix the onstage sound for Geddy Lee, Alex  and Neil Peart and configures the in-ear monitor system and balance of audience mics for each member of the band.

Then Brent will show you the backstage what he does during line check, sound check, and the actual show, watch this course >>>

Logic Pro Training Course for Beginners

Logic Pro Training Course for BeginnersThe studio is as much a part of music making as the musician. So, this Logic Pro for beginners courses brings together the best of both worlds: functions that bring fresh musical ideas to life and tools to derive the most from a performance. Scott will take you over the Logic training curve demonstrating how to compose, record, edit, and mix great-sounding tracks. Here how to get started >>>

How to mix audio with Pro Tools

How to mix audio with Pro Tools free courses onlineLearning the advanced pro tools and mixing techniques in a different way. The revolutionary Get in the Mix learning experience allows you to watch Brian and Alex perform audio adjustments inside Pro Tools, while they explain their reasoning in the built-in video window.You don’t watch in a video; you learn inside the DAW itself to watch the entire course. Get started here >>>

How to build a Commercial Soundtrack in Audition

How to build a Commercial Soundtrack in Adobe AuditionLearn how to make a high energy and appealing soundtrack for just 30 second Internet or TV commercial that highlights your client’s brand and visual message. Scott shows industry standard post-production methods for adding sound effects, voice-over, and other audio elements common to commercials, all with Audition.First, learn how to improve interactions with your client by keeping your files organized with a smart folder structure Learn more >>>

Music Production with Apple iPad and GarageBand

Music Production with Apple iPad and GarageBandIn this course, Garrick reviews GarageBand for the iPad an affordable yet powerful app that allows you to record and edit music with both real and virtual instruments. This course will begin with a tour around the interface, looking at the instrument and track views. Garrick shows how to play both touch instruments and Smart Instruments, as well as how to connect and use real instruments and microphones.  Build, record, and edit a song from scratch, and then export and share your music with iTunes, Social Media, SoundCloud and lots more >>>

Audio Mastering Course for advanced & beginners

Audio Mastering Techniques fro advanced & beginnersMastering audio is the final stage in music production, where the final set of mixed songs are turned into a cohesive album through a variety of processes that make the music sound the best it can, wherever it’s played. Join producer Bobby in this course, as he shows you the essential mastering concepts and techniques used by experienced audio engineers. Discover how to configure your monitoring setup, optimize your listening environment, prepare and print alternative mixes that will allow you to make quick fixes during the mastering. Here is to get started >>>

How to mix a film with Adobe Audition

How to mix a film with Adobe AuditionThis Audition training is a great companion to our video training Documentary Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, which shows how to highlight a cause, express a point of view, and tell a story with Premiere Pro and some important documentary editing techniques. Dialogue, sound effects, music, and other audio elements play a big part in creating a compelling narrative and theme for a video. Lets get you started  >>>

Great Techniques for Recording Audio

Great Techniques for Recording AudioFind out the industry secrets to recording crisp, rich instrument tracks and vocals in any type of recording environment. Discover how to select the correct microphone and polar pattern for each instrument, with 100s of listening examples for drums, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, keyboards, and more. These expert techniques offer crucial insights for those just getting started in the recording process, and a trusted reference guide for more seasoned engineers. Bobby also shows how to monitor and sculpt EQ settings, why and when to process your input signal, and how to choose the right outboard gear for the track. Watch the entire course here >>>

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