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How to create 3D text, you don’t have to be an expert in creating 3D text or models to create 3D images and graphics in Photoshop. This create 3D text course talks about every step along the way. Watch more 3D courses and tutorials at…

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Steve begins with the basics, turning normal type into 3D type and then rotating it in 3D space. Subsequent topics cover extruding, inflating, beveling, and revolving type—all concepts that will help you work with other types of 3D objects. Steve uses glass-like type to illustrate the kinds issues you’ll encounter with transparency, reflection, refraction, lighting, and shadows.You also learn how to create a 3D object from scratch, and then place it on a photographic surface to produce a realistic 3D-modeled scene.  Find out more at…

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Hello and welcome to create 3D text course, I am Steve, and I am going to show you how to create 3D text and make a realistic 3D type object using Photoshop. We will begin with the basics of turning some texts into 3D. And also go ahead and see how we can manipulate it within 3D space.

We’ll see how to modify its detail, how to add bevels and other area results, and how to modify it so it seems to be created of different designs. We’ll look at including a qualifications that’s aspect of the 3D field, and we’ll see how to convert our written text into cup, so that the qualifications shows and refracts through it.Watch more free courses at…

The great information is that you don’t need to have any information of dealing with 3D modelling and Photoshop to carry out this course. Sure, you do need to know your way around Photoshop, but every phase will be described along the way. You won’t understand all there is to know about 3D, but you will understand enough to allow you to go off in your own route and to begin to discover the outstanding globe of 3D modelling in Photoshop for yourself. Learn more at…



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