How to create business card – creative card design

How to create business card - creative card design

How to create business card – creative card design

Discover how to create a business card. In this creative card design course, designer Nigel is going to addresses all aspects of the design process— starting from font choice to paper stock so you can create a business card that is at once eye-catching and functional. Watch the rest of the course at…. offer 10 day free trial to their entire courses so be sure to take advantage of it now.

Nigel also going to walk through what information to contain, size and format considerations, and printing options. He then demonstrates how to set up a template and incorporate typography and imagery, and finally he segues into two hands-on projects: He will be designing a business card for a graphics design firm and another for a coffee shop. These projects will help you realize how to apply the principles of good design in real-world projects. Watch the complete course at…

How to design a business card include:


Video Transcript – Computer Generated

Welcome to how to Design a Business Card. In this design course, we are going to look at all aspects of a business card design creation. What information to incorporate, what size and format to make it, and how print it. After we’ve looked at some examples and discussed about significant design factors, like typography, layout and choice of color, there are two hands-on projects. At first we are going to use InDesign to design our a business card for a graphic design company. Claim your free trial here.

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