How to create Icons in Illustrator

How to create Icons in Illustrator

How to create Icons in Illustrator, A great icon design conveys a lot of information in a small space. If you want to create a great custom icon and you have a copy of Illustrator, this “How to create Icons in Illustrator” course is the for you. Watch the full “how to create Icons in Illustrator” course at…

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First, learn how file format, size, viewpoint, and platform shape your design choices. Then Justin will teach you how to decide on the scope of your set, learn to sketch out your designs, and choose a colour scheme and style.

Then you will need to “vectorise” your drawings and apply colours and styles in Illustrator. And then Finally, descover how you can export your icons in the correct file formats for use on the web, in print, or on different operating systems such as (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android). In the process, Justin introduces challenges to test your knowledge and a couple of tools to help speed up your design workflow.…

How to create Icons in Illustrator course include:

  1. Learn how to explore file sizes, file formats,perspective, and platform guidelines
  2. Discover how to choose an icon style
  3. How to create sketches and assign colour schemes
  4. How to build a grid system for icons
  5. Learn how to re-draw icons with shapes
  6. You also learn how to save icons in the right formats
  7. As well as how to generate icons for different operating systems

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Video transcription – computer generated

Hi and welcome to how to create Icons in Illustrator. I am Justin. In this course I’ll be getting you through the fundamentals of developing your own symbols and icon set using a Adobe Photoshop. I’ll start off by analyzing the primary fundamentals of symbol style. From there, you and I are going to work together as we strategy, develop, and trade our own customized symbol set. I’ll move you through my procedure for drawing out symbol ideas, selecting a shade strategy and elegance, and determining what kind of symbols you need to make, in accordance with the specifications of your venture.…

Then we’ll put that all together within of Residence Photo shop as I explain to you how tovectorise your images, implement shades and visual components and carry your symbols to life. We’ll go through dispatching your symbols in a wide range of different types. And I’ll even explain to you how some unique resources can help you improve the procedure as well. So if you’re prepared, let’s get began developing symbols in Illustrator…



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