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Drawing Fundamentals Course

Design Courses - Drawing Fundamentals - free courses onlineThis Drawing Fundamentals course will teach you how to draw any subject with confidence! you will be walking through a step-by-step approach from learning how to see and understand your subject to putting pencil to paper.

Will Kemp shows you how to use lines to frame your composition, build contrast with value and tone, use negative space to define shapes, and establish a clear viewpoint for your drawing with perspective. Get started here >>>

Print Production Fundamentals Course

Print Production FundamentalsClaudia reviews the types of containers real packaging engineers consider and then concentrates on folding cartons, which can be created with the tools available to most designers Illustrator and InDesign. Learn how to create sidelines (the flattened view of your product) and add artwork and text.

Then find out how to print and cut out a mockup version of your packaging, and prepare the job for professional printing and more. Watch the entire course here >>>

How to design logo Course

how to design logoFind out what the attributes of a great logo are, where to look for inspiration, and how to use sketches to propel you through the designing process. Then Von turns to the business side and explains how to present your designs to your clients and follow up on both positive and negative feedback.

Lastly, Von teaches how to start the logo and create a narrative that will keep the visual style of the brand intact in the future. Watch the full course >>>

Illustrator Intermediate Course

Illustrator Intermediate CourseLearn how to create customized strokes and patterns and create complex gradients with transparency and dynamic effects, and how to apply these features to paths, groups, and editable text to create professional-quality artwork.

Deke also highlights some of the most common features in Illustrator; Live Paint and all ten of its Pathfinder operations. The last chapters show how to prepare your projects for print and save them for distribution on the web. Watch here >>>

Photoshop Fundamentals Course For Beginners

Photoshop Fundamentals Course For BeginnersIn this Photoshop Fundamentals Course you learn how to open images from multiple sources, get around the panels and menus, and learn how to work with layers, perform masking, combine effects, and perform other edits nondestructively.

You will also learn how to perform important editing tasks, like cropping and straightening images, adjusting the luminance of your image, correcting color imbalances and enhancing color creatively, retouching and healing plus many more >>>

Photoshop Course for Designers Using Filters

Photoshop Course for Designers Using FiltersFilters are a part of Photoshop often misused or overlooked by designers. Nigel shows you a creative approach to filters, teaching you how to combine them both with other filters and with the Adobe Photoshop masking and blending tools for maximum visual impact.

Also learn how to use filter blending modes, filter masks, and how to stack filters to create unique filter combinations and more. Watch the entire course here >>>

Designing for the Web – Simulating Web Text

Designing for the Web - Simulating Web TextSimulating the look of anti-aliased web fonts in your website mockup. In this brief course, Chris will show you how to use paragraph and character styles in Photoshop to simulate the look of headings, body text, and hyperlinks and adjust for the anti-aliasing treatment applied by different web browsers.

plus more features which is not cover in this short description, to take full advance of this course simply watch the entire course right here >>>

Drawing Flats with Illustrator for Fashion Design

Drawing Flats with Illustrator for Fashion DesignIn this course, you learn how to draw detailed technical flats for the fashion industry using Illustrator. Robin shows you how to master the Pen tool, using a simplified approach so you can put your energy into your design. She guides you through drawing skirts, shirts, pants, and blazers and shows you how to maximize the power of Illustrator with Pathfinder, custom brushes and symbols, and layers for quick and easy editing. Watch the course here >>>

How to Design a Logo for a Media Firm

How to Design a Logo for a Media FirmIn this short Logo Design course, Nigel reviews the creative brief for a fictional media firm and teaches you how to approach the challenges presented when designing a company logo.

This Logo Design course includes the preliminary research and sketching phases before exploring numerous potential solutions with Illustrator. There are so much more behind designing a logo. So, to take advantage of all the feature simply watch the complete course here >>>

Typography Fundamentals Course

Typography FundamentalsThis Typography Fundamentals course teaches you good typographic practices so that you can create an eye for type and better understanding on how to effectively use it. You learn the (serif vs. sans serif, display type vs. text type), how type is measured, sized, and organized, and how spacing and alignment affect your design.

She also explains how to use kerning, tracking, leading, and line length, and covers the history and current trends in typography. Learn more here >>>

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