How to design logo – visual effects

By on September 1, 2014

How to design logo – visual effects

How to design logo – visual effects, many times as a lo go designer you will have a concept for a logo, like a bird in flight, but you will struggle with how to communicate that rather simple idea in a new and dynamic way. Watch more how to design logo at

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Bill, founder of graphic design company has been looking at tracking and writing about logo design styles for more then 30 years. In this “how to design logo” course he will guide you through six different visual effects that will help communicate your ideas more effectively.

He will also teach you how transparency can communicate a promise of clarity, how texture and light tell stories, and how three-dimensional shapes make your ideas almost touchable. Watch more how to design logo at

How to design logo – visual effects include:

  1. Lear how to expose complexity with transparency
  2. How to find synergy in numbers
  3. Discover how to create the illusion of form
  4. How to Apply personality with patterns
  5. Learn how to create a narrative with light and shadow
  6. How to use optical illusion to intrigue and more…

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As developers, we’re probably the first to be ceased mid step by a awesome visible. We identify the distinction between a awesome company product name and one that can catch our centre and our creativity. Most of you know how to art wonderful product visuals. But now we’re going to provide you with an awesome kit of visible results, a kit that will expose the valued market techniques for switching a great idea into an remarkable identification.

In this course we’ll discuss with you how to make an inner element of light by using transparencies that can make customers and customers feel confident by a guarantee of quality. We’ll discover a strategy for explaining complicated ideas in a way that confused other developers for age groups. We’re going to discuss how three perspective images can become so attractive, you’ll have customers seeking to achieve out to contact your design. We have so much to discuss and I’m thrilled you’re here. If you’re ready to learn, let’s discuss images.



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