Discover how Grammar Girl changes writing one word a time

Grammar Girl changes writing a word a time

Discover how Grammar Girl changes writing a word a time

Grammar Girl changes writing a word a time. Grammar is one of the subjects that leaves even confident writers scratching their heads. But Grammar Girl, aka Mignon, understood there was another way to teach it: Grammar could be a good fun! She started recording a podcast in her closet, which quickly became a series of books, a website and a phenomenon, reaching over 50 million listeners world wide. Watch the Grammar girl entire video series here at…

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You can discover how Grammar Girl got evolved into the Quick and Dirty Tips network and led Mignon to develop her own Apple Application and see how she uses crowd funding to support the development of her next venture. Learn more…

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Grammar Girl changes writing a word a time

English has a lot of rules and a lot of styles. It would be a rare person who could remember every rule and every style. People often mix up words such as affect and effect, who and whom, and lay and lie, and people struggle with commas. There are more than 15 different ways to use commas. English is a shifty language. It’s always changing. Today we have new words such as binge watch, selfie, and Squee.

I’m not part of the world that likes to complain about typos on menus, and go around town fixing signs with Sharpies and whiteout. I just like to help people and make learning English fun. I’m Mignon Fogarty better known as Grammar Girl. I’ve written 7 books on language. I produce the Grammar Girl podcast and the Grammar Girl website. Watch the Grammar girl entire video series here at…

I’m the founder of Quick and Dirty Tips, and I’ve made the games Grammar Pop and Peeve Wars. When I started I was just a regular writer and editor like anyone else, and I had graduated from college with an English degree, and I realised I didn’t know the rules I needed to know to do my job. So I was constantly looking things up in the Chicago Manual of Style and the AP Style book to find out the rules for myself. I was editing work for biotech clients and scientists aren’t always trained to write well. Watch the Grammar girl entire video series here at…

I noticed that my clients were making the same mistakes over and over again. They didn’t know how to use commas or semicolons. Some of them didn’t know the difference between which and that, and I got the idea for Grammar Girl at a coffee shop. I jotted 3 ideas down on a napkin and I wish I’d kept that napkin. I went back home and I quickly recorded 3 Grammar Girl podcasts and put them up mostly on a whim. Within 4 to 6 weeks the podcast had taken off. It was Number 2 at iTunes in all of podcasting so it all happened very fast. Watch the Grammar girl entire video series here at…

Because grammar is such an intimidating topic, I wanted Grammar Girl to be unintimidating and friendly and approachable. When I started Grammar Girl even more of the material out there about grammar was snarky and condescending, and I hate that. I didn’t want that for my show. I want people to be able to feel as if they can ask a question and I’m not going to mock them from their question. I’m just going to help them. So Grammar Girl girl is very unintimidating. She has a ponytail which makes her seem friendly, and even the colour orange….



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