ebay training course selling on ebay

eBay Training Course for Sellers

eBay training course – selling on eBay

In this ebay training course, Christopher reveals how to understand the selling process on eBay, plus community rules and best techniques and practices, support and resources, and how to create compelling listings.  Watch more course online at http://lynda.com/selling-on…


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This course also explores how to review active and completed listings, will establish the value of merchandise, and list products. The course also covers using advanced search techniques, managing payments, and setting up an eBay Store. Watch entire lynda.com courses here.

eBay training course include:

  • Learn how to create eBay and PayPal accounts
  • Learn how to build an About Me page
  • How to Perform advanced searches
  • how to review the competition
  • Understand listing fees
  • How to write effective titles and descriptions
  • Learn to explore best practices in product photography
  • Understand eBay’s guarantees and warranties
  • Learn how to create listings
  • How to connect eBay with social media
  • How to Handle offers
  • Learn shipping merchandise and Packing
  • Discover how to Leave feedback eBay
  • Learn how to track sales and more..

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eBay Training Course for SellersHi! I’m Christopher, and I’d like to welcome you on this eBay training course. In this course, we’ll be protecting the key components of promoting products on eBay for home and office sellers. We’ll start by protecting techniques for exploring and costs products. Then we’ll discuss taking item pictures that catch the interest of viewpoint customers. eBay training courses uk. http://lynda.com/selling-on…

I’ll move you through how to deal with protected expenses for your finished item sales using PayPal, eBay’s protected and fast transaction system. We’ll look at effectively packaging and delivery the products that you’ve marketed, so that they’ll appear securely into the consumer’s arms. ebay selling. http://lynda.com/selling-on…

Finally, we’ll discuss publishing reviews for your customers at the end of the item sales dealings. I’ve been dealing on eBay since 1998. As an formal eBay School trainer and writer of the guide, {italic}The eBay Entrepreneur{plain} I’ve gathered the best techniques from a large number of sellers just like you, who tap into the eBay online industry to offer almost anything to anyone across the world. Now let’s just leap right in and begin eBay For Suppliers Important Coaching. eBay training courses. http://lynda.com/selling-on…



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