Five-day photography challenge

Five-day photography challenge

Five-day photography challenge must learn

Here is another photo challenge by Steve Simon that will help you look at your city and the people who live there in new ways. In this courses, there are 5 challenges: working with light and reflections, isolating subjects, shooting at night, and overcoming nervousness by approaching strangers. Steve is going to share his own solutions as he works the streets of New York City, and you can follow along with him from anywhere. Lear more at…

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Video transcription – computer generated

Welcome to the Five-day photography challenge, I’m Steve Simon and I have the great honor of being able to come up with these challenges and I’ve done so in a way that I hope is going to inspire and push you a little bit and hopefully get you out of your comfort zone, get you maybe shooting on the street in ways that you haven’t done it before, and I am going to take my own challenges and see what I come up with. I will be posting my solutions, but the most exciting for me is that I’m going to be watching for your solutions, Steve also going to be looking for your photographs, we are going to have people from all over the world shooting on the street.

Steve, we’re here in New York City, granted, a pretty exciting place, but I know from experience as a street photographer that you can be in a small town, a village, a big city, it doesn’t matter, there are great street photographs waiting to be taken and I’ve designed these challenges with that in mind. So, watch for the hashtag, I can’t wait to see what you guys are going to post, I’ll show you what I’m going to do. And let’s take a look at the first challenge in the next movie. Good luck, and good shooting.

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