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How to get Lynda free trial – or get 60 days free

Hi everybody, I am a student and a huge fan of and I am not going  to make you read the full page to get what you want. I know why you are here, to get free trial. Right? Here are the links:

How to get 60 days free with

Did you know offers 60 days free when you choose their basic annual membership which saves you $50 per year. That’s 12 months for the price of 10.

How to save $75 with

It gets even better,  if you choose the premium annual membership like I did, you can save $75 per year,  which gives you full access to entire courses ,plus the exercise files to follow along with tutor, this is specially important when you are learning a new courses that you are not familiar, you need to have the exercise files to follow along with tutor, other wise it takes you much longer to complete the course. This is my personal experience and its up to you to decide which option  is good for you.

What is

For those of you haven’t heard of courses may be asking, what is and what can I learn with it. Here are some of the things you can learn:

Retouching photos, designing web sites, recording songs, creating spreadsheets, animating 3D graphics, and much much more…

Access all 2,086 courses (more added every week)
Learn from industry experts carefully selected for their teaching skills
You can watch anywhere anytime on Macs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones

Here is how you can get your 7 days free unlimited access to entire library.

Browse the entire Online Library Free 

Get 7 days of free unlimited access to over 2,000 courses online.

Weather you want refresh your skills or learn something new, you are in the right place, because you are about get unlimited access to over 2,000 courses online.

lynda free trial - free courses online

The best thing is that you don’t pay a penny until you are 100% satisfied during your 7 days trial, and you get access to over 2,000 courses online at no cost what so ever, and if for any reason  you are not happy with the free courses online provide, you can cancel at anytime during the 7 days free trial.

There are four type of subscriptions, monthly, monthly premium, yearly and yearly premium. I recommend premium subscription because you get access to exercise files and that means you can follow along with tutor, but if you want refresh your skill just sign up for basic monthly or yearly.

The premium subscription is for who wants to learn new skills and for that you need the exercise files to be able to follow along with tutor, otherwise it a lot difficult to learn new skills without the exercise files.

lynda free trial

Anyway, sign up 7 day free trial, try it, use it all week, learn it, then if you think its for you just continue with your free trial and then when your trial ended, your new paid subscription starts.

Lynda Free Trial > promo code > Lynda courses > Lynda free account in fact, everything you need to know about free trial you can find above:

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Thank you for choosing lynda free trial