Music Production tutorial with drum tutor


Music Production tutorial with drum tutor.

Music Production tutorial with drum tutor, Learn how to play the drums, Get a glance behind the studio curtain and see music recording secrets and techniques in action. Drum tutor producer/engineer and Tape Op magazine owner/writer Larry Crane takes you inside of his Jackpot! Recording Studio, and demonstrates the recording techniques he has used when working with musicians such as She & Him, The Decemberists, Elliott Smith, Jenny Lewis, The Go-Betweens, and Sleater-Kinney. This course is a rare opportunity to learn practical techniques from a celebrated audio engineer.… 

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First, Larry discusses basic signal flow techniques that will improve any recorded sound. Then he explains some of his recording secrets, like how to capture acoustic guitars and vocals at the same time, will show you how to choose the best microphone for a vocalist, and how to use stereo mics and room placement to make an ensemble sound on a single performer. Find more music production videos here

This Music production Drum Tutor Course includes:

  1. drum tutor free-coursess-onlineUnderstanding input signal path
  2. How to Gain staging
  3. How to check phase on a drum kit
  4. How to mike snare drums
  5. How to compare vocal mics
  6. How to record live acoustic guitar with vocals
  7. How to use distortion with bass guitar
  8. How to find the best drum placement in rooms
  9. How to record upright piano
  10. How to create your own style

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