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Photography Fundamentals

Photography Fundamentals Photography course onlineIn this Photography Fundamentals Course, Ben starts with fundamentals that build on exposure principles taught in other Photography courses, simple techniques that improve the results from a camera’s built-in flash.

He then focuses on fill flash techniques and on using flash as a key light. In this course, you also explore topics ranging from bouncing and syncing flash to shooting with one or more off-camera flash units. Watch the entire course here >>>

Photography and Studio Strobes

Photography and Studio Strobes free-courses-onlineIn this Photography and Studio Strobes course, you Learn why shooting with strobes and continuous lighting makes such a significant result on your photographs, and how to purchase a good, inexpensive starter kit.

Rich shows you how to set things up to trigger your lights, and make modifications with accessories such as umbrellas, reflectors and soft boxes. Finally, you learn how to make the most of what you have in a series of lighting challenges. Learn more >>>

Product Photography courses

Product Photography courses free-courses-onlineA powerful product photo accurately depicts an item’s appearance while also making it look its best. Photographer Konrad has photographed hundreds and hundreds of products of all sizes for retailers small and large, in this Product Photography course, he gives you his insights on product photography, from styling to lighting to gear. Watch the complete course here >>>

Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography free-courses-onlineIn this Jewellery Photography course, Konrad demonstrates several shooting scenarios, including a wristwatch a ring, a necklace and earring set.

Each scenario looks at a different lighting tool, from low-cost flash to larger studio strobes to continuous lights. Along the way, Konrad gives you tips for styling and positioning jewelry for best results. Finally, you learn the kinds of Photoshop post-processing involved in refining jewelry photographs. Watch the course here >>>

Exteriors Architectural Photography

Exteriors Architectural Photography free-courses-onlineA powerful photo of a building captures the personality of the architecture and its designer’s vision. In this Exteriors Architectural Photography course, Richard shows key techniques for taking exterior photos that make a building look its best.

Richard visits two sites, one featuring a large modern home and the other a Japanese-style building, and covers a variety of lighting techniques, from working with existing light to employing supplemental lighting. Watch the entire course here >>>

Interiors Architectural Photography

Interiors Architectural Photography free-courses-onlineNo matter if you’re photographing a room for an architectural magazine, for a real-estate ad, or for an interior decorator friend, interior spaces present a variety of photographic challenges.

This Interiors Architectural Photograph course describes the best techniques to light interior elements to show their form and texture, and includes tips on staging rooms to make them more appealing.

Richard also discusses the tricky challenges that windows and exterior lighting introduce, how do you adjust exposure to capture interior details without overexposing the windows? Find out how >>

What is Micro Four-Thirds Cameras?

What is Micro Four-Thirds CamerasThe micro four-thirds sensor format is allowing a new generation of cameras that combine compact size with DSLR-like features, just like interchangeable lenses.

In this course, Rich and Scott introduce the micro four-thirds Cameras format, showing its weaknesses and strengths for both photography and video, offering purchasing advice, and sharing ideas for getting the best results when shooting with a micro four-thirds cameras. Watch the entire course here >>>

Learn to Shoot and Process Panoramas Photos

Learn to Shoot and Process PanoramasLearn how to capture wide landscapes using panoramic shooting methods, no matter if you’re using a professional DSLR or an iPhone. Rich describes general panoramic concepts, such as field of view and nodal point, then he describes the technical details for getting good original shots:

how to properly mount the camera on a tripod, how to overlap each shot, which lenses deliver best results, and more.  You will also learn about optional hardware such as the sliders and GigaPan system, and a wide range of mobile apps for capturing 360 panoramas. Lastly, come back into the studio to learn how to process the photos in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Camera Raw. Watch the complete course here >>>

Photojournalism The Insights

Photojournalism The Insights free-courses-onlineIn this Photojournalism The Insights courses, Paul talks about the key concepts behind great photojournalism: the types of photos that make up a photo essay, the planning and research that goes into shooting one, and the art of sequencing the last shots in a way that tells the story.

Paul also shares technique about the prospects for storytellers in the Internet age, and shows examples of photo essays that he has shot for his own personal projects and for big magazines. Watch the complete course >>>

Lighting with Flash, Action to Portraits

Lighting with Flash, Action to PortraitsIn this Lighting with Flash course, David illustrates using strobes when shooting sports in this case, kids playing football. After giving an overview of his lighting technique, David shoots some action shots of goalkeepers diving for the ball. Then, he shoots some portraits of the football players, employing a compact soft-box attachment as a key light.

And finally, David photographs a group of fencers, changing the bland lighting in a gym and freezing the athletes’ action as they leap. Afterwards, he shoots a group portrait of the fencing club. Watch the entire course >>>

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