Discover How to Speed Up Your Computer

By on July 31, 2014

Discover How to Speed Up Your Computer

How to Speed Up Your Computer. Is your computer slow? Cluttered? Bursting at the seams? This “How to Speed Up Your Computer course”, designed for those who are new to PC maintenance and utilities, computer teacher Laura show you some of her favorite tips and techniques to help you speed up your computer Watch the rest of the videos here at.….

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you already have to clean up “behind the scenes.” Laura is also going to provide tips on upgrading your computer and, if your budget permits, looking for a new computer.

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How to Speed Up Your Computer include:

  1. Learn how to clean up your computer desktop
  2. How to organise your files with folders
  3. How to use Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter and msconfig
  4. Ho to Free up your disk space
  5. Tips on how to Buy and install RAM
  6. As well as tips on Upgrading your computer

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Welcome to “How to Speed Up Your Computer” course, in this course, I’ll explain to you some methods to rate up your pc. I’ll start by showing you how to sort and arrange your data files and remove all of the rarely used software. Then, I’ll explain to you how to use some easy resources that are already on your pc to rate up and clean your pc even further. I’ll also give you lots of tips for buying a new pc and improving the one you already have. Watch the rest of the videos here at.….



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