The complete DSLR Video Tips course

The complete DSLR Video Tips course

Rich and Robbie discuss tools like Y adapters, which move attachments to your camera’s hot shoe just slightly off center, which results in better sound and video capture results. This particular tutorial is from the DSLR Video Tips series provided by experts Rich and Robbie.

The complete DSLR Video Tips course is presented as a weekly series and covers the most common questions videographers encounter when shooting and editing with DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras, from choosing a frame size and frame rate to understanding more. Watch more video tutorials and free courses at…

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This complete DSLR Video Tips course include:

  1. How to Mix frame rates
  2. How to Deal with colour and detail loss from compression
  3. How to Compare sensor sizes
  4. Understanding how DSLR viewfinders react when recording video
  5. What is aspect ratio?
  6. How to Get the right speed of memory card
  7. How to Avoid rolling shutter

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